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The Maggio Festival of Accettura is a folk festival, known for its popular character. It represents a unicum at European level for the syncretism of its popular and picturesque characters.

Accettura was founded between the fourth and tenth century, during the Longobard domination, or, more likely, at the end of the social wars, during the 1st century BC. after Silla's victory over the previous Lucan settlement. The feast is thought to be linked to these origins.

Region characterized by a deep religious faith and, still today, linked to ancient traditions, Basilicata presents places, such as those falling within the Park area, where customs and traditions whose origins are lost in the mists of time survive. Different and of extraordinary emotional impact are the folklore events that animate, throughout the year, the towns of Accettura, Calciano, Castelmezzano, Oliveto Lucano and Pietrapertosa.

In addition to the usual patronal feasts, festivals, cultural and musical events, fairs of local products, tastings of typical dishes, events that are able to play an important role of aggregation and tourist attraction are frequently organized.