The route starts along the provincial road to Accettura, 2 km far from the Directional Centre of the Park, proceeding toward the town of Accettura.

Along the path, it is easy to observe the peculiar elements of the area, the Quercus Cerris woods and the sandstone pinnacles with their bizarre shapes.

From these heights, shaped by wind and water, spectacular landscapes on Accettura and Pietrapertosa opens to the sight. Along the route, it is also easy to find different orchid species as well as many mammals such as foxes, wild boars, badgers and hedgehogs, while the peregrine falcon crosses the sky.


Starting point: Lat. 40.5022 Lon. 16.0948
Arrive: Lat. 40.5138 Lon. 16.0656
  Journey time: 3.5 hours
Length: 10,1 Km   Journey modalities: on foot, on horseback
Difficulty: E (excursion level)   Slope: max: 40% / med: 11 %
Height (a.s.l.): min: 902 mt. / med: 1117 mt. / max: 1272 mt.   Characteristic: P (Naturalistic Landscape)

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Itinerary n. 713

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The route starts on a dirt road. Once passed over a portion of reforestation, you cross pastures and sown fields, where wide landscapes on Accettura open to the sight.Going on to the area of Lotto Bellonia, you enter a suggestive wood of columnar Quercus Cerris. After 2 km, you reach a rocky plan from where the route climbs along the ridge of Costa La Rossa and from where enjoy of wide landscapes of the Salandrella Valley and of the rural settlements of Valdienne and Laistella.

After a series of up and downs along the ridge, you reach the top of Mount Impiso where a picnic area is available. Here a descent along pasture areas begins, leading in an interesting natural site protected by the EU.

Once passed over the rocky nucleus of Costa Cervitale, the route reaches the Montepiano road from where enjoy of an astonishing view of Pietrapertosa and of its Dolomiti.Once passed near the sports field of Pietrapertosa, the route reaches the town in some hundred meters.