buoi basileus

Among the traditions of the area, looking at the consolidated relationship between man and nature, it is not to underestimate the folklore linked to the use of towed animals in the manifestations of the agro-silvo-pastoral tradition of the Park.

In particular, the feasts linked to the arboreal cults (or "the Maggi") see the use of pairs of oxen for the towing of the trees used to give life to the secular naturalistic rites.

In the area, several breeders dedicate to the care of these animals to make them available to those who want, in an attempt to recover and pass on an ancient tradition, to use oxen in folk events.

For information about renting oxen (with or without wagon), to be used for folkloristic, cultural and historical events, able to recreate the traditional atmosphere of a time, contact:

Sig. Andrea Pantone
Tel: 0971 983228
mobile: 329 7881269