collage orienteering (1)

Orienteering is a sport of Scandinavian origin, widespread in Europe and all over the world, adapt to all ages, to males and females competing in categories defined by age and gender.

Often whole families practice it in all seasons.

It is a sport taking place in nature, preferably in low mountains and hilly woodlands. However, it can be practiced in urban areas, in historical centres, in city parks, in the plains.

It is one of the sports chosen by CONI as a discipline to be practiced in nature.Considering its undoubted educational value, orienteering is one of the four sports that the Ministry of Education strongly recommends to teach in schools throughout Italy.

In the orienteering race, the winner reaches the set destination in the shortest possible time, passing through a series of control points indicated on the map and on the ground.

collage orienteeringAt the time of departure, each competitor receives a very detailed topographic map, on which the departure, the arrival and the various intermediate control points to be touched during the race are indicated with conventional signs.

Everyone will try to evaluate which is the fastest and most advantageous route, advancing on the ground with the help of the map and a compass, determining by itself the best route to follow, based on choices that take into account the conditions of the terrain, the network of roads and paths, obstacles or dangerous areas.

Areas for Orienteering
The activity takes place in these areas set up inside the Park:

Località Palazzo
Forest near Località Palazzo